Wholemeal loaf front

Let’s BAKE!!

Back to backing, here’s our latest creation: a wholesome, delicious, healhy piece of bread full of fibres and CARBS… some of them – at least – are good for us

The ingredients are:

wheat flours, rye flour, water, yeast, salt

The recipe was created step by step, with a biga to start with, followed by a long autolyse.

Wholemeal loaf

The primary fermentation was also quite long, with an (unmeasured) small amount of white unbleached wheat flour and mostly wholemeal wheat and rye flours. And, of course, Salt, the omnipresent God of Food.

Wholemeal loaf crumbs

After a final proving session it was baked in a gas oven at full whack for….. maybe 40 minutes or so?

Homemade recipe for a housemade mostly wholemeal loaf of bread that tastes very good with BUTTER – you’d better see the teeth marks when you bite into it ;-) .

What is your favourite loaf of bread?



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